Antitrypsin Deficiency Assessment and programme for Treatment

ADAPT (Antitrypsin Deficiency Assessment and programme for Treatment) was established in 1996 under the directorship of Professor R. A. Stockley in collaboration with Bayer Biologicals (now Talecris) the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Birmingham.

The purpose was to establish a registry of patients with AATD in the UK, to understand how the disease developed and affected patients, to develop new methods for assessing the severity, monitor progression, develop predictors of progression and design clinical trials of relevant treatments.

In addition to those aims the programme was developed to provide patient and relative education, provide free and accurate testing for deficiency via finger-prick testing and an annual patient meeting to discuss current progress in understanding and treating the disease and work closely with and develop a patient lead organisation.

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To date ADAPT has over 1,000 Pi Z patients on the database, has trained and developed 19 doctors in clinical management and research in the disease, published over 200 papers and reviews on the topic and designed and delivered 4 clinical trials of treatment for AATD.

Current Members of the Clinical Team include:

Mrs. Rebecca Bray Co-ordinator

Dr. Anita Pye Clinical Trials Co-ordinator

Diane Griffiths Respiratory Nurse

Ross Edgar Research Physiotherapist

Dr. Helen Ward Clinical Research Fellow

Dr. Helen Stone Clinical Research Fellow

Dr. Nicola Sinden Clinical Research Fellow

Dr. Jennie Gane Clinical Research Fellow


ADAPT Project

Lung Function & Sleep Department

Outpatients, Ground Floor

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

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Birmingham. B15 2WB

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